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    Welcome to Radicand

    The Radicand Lab is a collaborative platform for entrepreneurial and freelance engineering development. We work with startups, established companies, and passionate individuals to bring meaningful innovations to life.

    About Us

    Radicand is one part design consulting firm, one part incubator, and one part co-working space.  We work with solo entrepreneurs, startup teams, and established companies to develop cutting edge hardware products.

    We specialize in rapid prototyping radical ideas.  Our methodology is simple: Get a really smart team together, then design, build, and test as quickly as possible.  Rinse and repeat.  We’ve worked with teams in StartX, Highway1, and Y Combinator as well as many teams who have launched successful Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaigns.

    Product Development Consulting

    Radicand specializes in helping early-phase hardware startups launch their product concepts.  We merge user-centered design with mechanical & electrical engineering expertise to bring hardware concepts to life.  Radicand provides clients with unparalleled problem-solving and prototyping capabilities.  We believe that any challenge can be solved with creative engineering and we place an emphasis on achieving radically new and different solutions.

    Hardware Coworking & Incubation

    Radicand also serves as a co-working & incubation space for entrepreneurs, startup teams, and independent contractors.  If you’d like to share a home with a vibrant community of innovative individuals, let’s sit down and discuss your project.   Membership includes access to our rapid prototyping facility, shared seats of Solidworks Professional & Altium Designer and a network of potential collaborators.


    Greg Kress, Ph.D.

    Founder & CEO

    Scott Steber

    Director of Engineering

    Michael Chiasson

    Electrical Design Engineer

    Maya Kelley

    Mechanical Engineer

    Brentley Wiles

    Product Design Engineer

    Alan DeBenedetti

    Lab Manager

    Sponsors & Partners